Oil Heat Cares Helps a Neighbor in Southern Connecticut

Pictured left to right: Neal Garrison, Julie Harris, Brian Frederick, Brian Magner and Brian McCarthy.

Julie Harris of Stamford, Connecticut is appreciative to have a warm home this holiday season.  She is the latest recipient of a grant from Oil Heat Cares (OHC), through the Fairfield chapter of OESP.

Mrs. Harris is an educator specializing in school media.  She lost her job last year after taking a one-month-long unpaid leave of absence following the sudden death of her 24-year-old son in April.  

While actively looking for work, Mrs. Harris has no income and was unable to afford the $10,000 to replace both her inoperable oil and water heaters.

At the beginning of October, Mrs. Harris contacted OHC and was put in touch with Brian Frederick of the Fairfield County chapter.  Brian quickly realized that the account already belonged to OESP member Sam Gault of Gault Energy.  Mr. Gault was eager to help, assigning equipment representative, Rob Capri, to assist.

Using Gault’s fully stocked install truck, lead installer Brian McCarthy of Gault along with Neal Garrison of Torrco, Brian Frederick of Hoffman Energy and Brian Magner of L.P. Topar Oil Co., replaced the old Weil-McLain & Ford Aqua-booster with a New Yorker with coil.  

BellSimons of Bridgeport supplied the major materials at a discount and donated some trim. Purcell Moving Co. removed all of the old equipment and associated garbage at no charge.

Mrs. Harris described her OHC experience as one of the best things “that has ever happened to her in her whole life.”  Our warmest wishes for a happy holiday and a bright new year, Mrs. Harris!