Oil Heat Cares and the Garden State Chapter Provide Relief to a Neighbor in Need

Oil Heat Cares once again displayed its commitment to the community by helping a family in need.

Heather McMahon of Roselle Park, NJ, is a single mother of two teenagers.  She works two full time jobs in the medical field to make ends meet.  A J.W. Pierson customer since 2005, Heather found her boiler dry-fired and in need of replacement – an additional expense she could not take on.

OESP Member Charley Holmes of J.W. Pierson discussed financing options including the local Union County Weatherization Program which would install a new boiler at no charge, should she qualify.

Heather applied to the agency and was told that despite being unable to afford a new boiler, she did not qualify.

Feeling defeated, Heather spoke with Charley who introduced her to Oil Heat Cares.  Her application was quickly completed and approved, and the folks from the Garden State chapter got right to work.

Working with Heat Solutions, Charley and his team completed the project in just one day.

A special thank you goes out to J.W. Pierson for donating the boiler and Joe Harzim, owner of Heat Solutions and Garden State Chapter board member, for the installation.  Ed Kennedy and his team assisted with the boiler removal while Robert Delpino and his technician completed the install.  Carlos Rodriguez, followed up by setting up the burner and completing efficiency testing.

Needless to say, Heather is thrilled with the outcome and could not be more appreciative of the efforts made on behalf of Oil Heat Cares.