OHC Grant Fixes Heat & Hot Water for Maryland Resident

Lola McBee
of Hagerstown, Maryland made a fortuitous decision when she hired Griffith Energy Services several years ago as her HVAC company.  Thanks to Griffith and the Mid Atlantic chapter of OESP, she is the latest recipient of a grant from the Oil Heat Cares (OHC) project.

Mrs. McBee lives with her husband who has struggled with medical ailments for some time.  Hospitalizations and medical bills have drained the couple financially, leaving no funds for much else.

This past winter, Mrs. McBee called Griffith Energy Services after living with a leaking boiler.  The boiler needed to be placed, but there was no money to do so.  Mrs. McBee had tried various charitable avenues seeking energy assistance with no success.   The couple was living with no heat or hot water.

Enter Griffith Energy Services.  The service technician was sent out to take a look at the McBee’s boiler and learned of their financial troubles.  He quickly alerted the President of the Mid Atlantic Chapter of OESP, Mike Hodge, who presented the situation to the Oil Heat Cares Board.  Once approved for a grant, Mike approached Columbia Boiler who happily donated a boiler to the couple.  Griffith Energy technicians, Wayne Benner and Tony Cassidy, completed the installation.

The McBees can once again enjoy the warmth and comfort of their home thanks to the amazing work of Oil Heat Cares.

Thank you to all who support Oil Heat Cares.  For more information visit www.oilheatcares.com.