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Garden State OHC Project Helps Widow through Winter

Rena McCarrol of Oak Ridge, N.J., was relieved to be warm during the final blast of winter that hit the state last month.  She is the latest recipient of a grant from the Oil Heat Cares (OHC) project, through the Garden State chapter of OESP.

Mrs. McCarrol is widowed, lives alone and is on a very limited income.  She works two jobs just to make ends meet.  A regular customer of Dixon Energy in Mountain Lakes, she purchases just a minimum quantity of fuel oil on each delivery, hoping that will get her through.

At the end of January, Mrs. McCarrol called the Dixon Energy Service Department and spoke to Ken Carr, a service manager.   She had no heat and was distraught, worried her old boiler had reached its end.

Ken went out to her home. Working with his service tech, Ken was able to get the antiquated boiler back in operation, but knew that much more needed to be done.  Ken knew that Mrs. McCarrol was in dire straits and could not afford a new heating system.

Ken quickly alerted the Garden State Chapter and OHC Chairman Dave Bessette.  Once approved for a grant, Ken approached the principals of Dixon Energy, Sally & Jennifer Pierson, who were more than happy to get involved.

All of the material was ordered through Blackman Supply and then delivered to Dixon Energy, who handled the install. Ken got his two best men on the job, Cliff Brink and John Norlander, who did an incredible job.

Mrs. McCarrol couldn’t be happier!

Ken is pictured above with the happy homeowner, Rena McCarrol.

Oil Heat Cares For A Caregiver

The Westchester Putnam Heating & Cooling Professionals chapter performed an Oil Heat Cares project in February, 2017.

Patricia Hitchcock of Croton Falls, NY was the recipient of a new Peerless boiler. Pat is 83 years old, was born in the house and has lived there her entire life with the exception of 2 years when she got married. Pat is a widow who’s on a small fixed income. The cost of a new boiler would have been a huge strain on her finances. Bob Daros, owner of Heritage Fuel & Propane also in Croton Falls, NY proposed the project to Oil Heat Cares.
Pat has been involved with the Croton Falls community most of her life. She was a charter member of the North Salem Ambulance Corps and was an active member for more than 30 years. She was also the school nurse for many years and a private caregiver to many people in the area.

Bob felt that not only was Pat qualified to receive the aid from Oil Heat Cares but it was also time to pay it forward and help her, after all that she has done for her community.

Bob organized a crew of volunteers to install a Peerless WBV-04 Boiler.  The boiler was funded by Oil Heat Cares and components were donated by the following:

  • Buddy Brant of Consolidated Supply
  • Bryan Gettler of Intercounty Supply
  • Tim Warnecki of Marplat
  • Jim Mahoney of Eastern Oil
  • Justin Romano of Guaranteed Home Improvement
  • Bob Daros of Heritage Fuel

Labor for the project was provided by:

  • Bob Daros, Ted Daros, Dan Pfister, Rich Dupree, Frank Geiger, James Outhouse, all from Heritage Fuel & Propane.
  • Jim Mahoney from Eastern Oil
  • Justin Romano from Guaranteed Home Improvement
  • Tom Sabia, retired instructor from Saunders Trade and Technical School, Yonkers NY
  • Angel Gonzalez from Carlin/Hydrolevel.

Oil Heat Cares Helps a Veteran

By Dave Bessette, OHC Chair

As the Chairperson of Oil Heat Cares, I receive numerous requests for funds each month.  While the majority of inquiries come from OESP chapters or members of the organization, I recently received a submission from a non-industry group, Heidrea For Heroes, requesting assistance on behalf of its client.

The mission of the Massachusetts-based veteran group is to provide adaptive housing renovations, vehicle modifications, qualifying home repairs, specialized mobility equipment, veteran/family support, workforce readiness and training opportunities to assist veterans and their families.

A representative of the organization explained that Ed Kniolek, a Korean War Navy veteran who served on a submarine, was in need of a new boiler.  Mr. Kniolek had been without heat for almost two years, after taking a $6,000 loan out of the bank to pay a plumber who removed his old boiler and disappeared without ever replacing the unit.  After hearing of his situation and consulting with the OHC Board, I told the organization that OHC would be happy to help in installing a new oil boiler at no cost.

While the OHC Board granted approval, the OHC funds for a project are capped at $2,500.   To complete the project we needed assistance from equipment manufacturers.  Enter our village.

Brian Coyne, VP of Roth, USA generously donated a Roth DW 275 tank and installation kit.  Mark Lundquist and his colleagues at Burnham donated a MPO boiler.  Andy Olcott, with R.W. Beckett donated the burner for the MPO.  Ken Fagan, of Emerson Swan, donated a Super Store SS40 indirect water heater.  Jim Denham, VP of Service MacFarlane Energy, had one of his install teams complete the project with the approval of Scott D. MacFarlane, President and owner of MacFarlane Energy.  OHC paid for the associated parts and components to round out the install.
The Boston-Southeast Chapter of OESP also lent their support by donating the first hundred gallons of oil to Mr. Kniolek.

Mr. Kniolek and his family are extremely thankful to OHC, MacFarlane Energy, all of the manufacturers who donated equipment, Boston-Southeast Chapter of OESP and to Heidrea For Heroes.  For the first time in more than two years, the family has heat and hot water.

I am extremely proud of our association and its generosity of spirit.  Oil Heat Cares will continue to assist its customers and non-customers alike in their times of need.  It is my hope that other industries will look to our example and follow suit.

Oil Heat Cares Makes a Difference in the Bronx


When homeowner Milagros Orizal was told by her service provider last month that her boiler was leaking, she realized the problem had the potential to not only to ruin her holidays, but to render her home uninhabitable.

Orizal and her mother (pictured left with Pete Gonzalez, owner and CEO of Pete Gonzalez Heating Co. in Morris Park and a full-time vocational instructor at Bronx Design and Construction Academy High School), of Parkchester in the Bronx, both live on fixed-income disability pensions. Installing a new boiler – an expense of $9,000 – was simply out of their budget.

Faced with the prospect of living without heat or hot water for months on end, and feeling she had nowhere else to turn, Orizal contacted Pete Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, a member of the New York City chapter of OESP who had patched up the family’s old boiler in the past to give it as much life as possible, encouraged Orizal to apply for a grant through “Oil Heat Cares,” the OESP’s national charity.

“As soon as I read the Orizal family’s grant application, I knew it was another perfect opportunity for Oil Heat Cares to step in,” Gonzalez said. “This is an opportunity to literally give a family their home back at the beginning of winter.”

Orizal’s application was quickly approved, and within days, she learned she would become the proud owner of a new boiler and related equipment. Students at Bronx Design and Construction Academy High School, supervised by Gonzalez and other industry professionals, will donate their time to install the new heating system today, January 4.

The project not only brings hot water and heat back to a grateful family, but also provides invaluable, on-the-job field experience for a class of enthusiastic future oil and energy service technicians in New York.

“These students are the next generation of our industry, and their dedication really inspires me,” said Gonzalez. “This project adds an incredible new dimension to their studies that just can’t be acquired through textbooks or in a classroom.”

“The assistance of BDCA High School students, and the teaching opportunity this provides, makes this project so unique,” said Angel Gonzalez, OESP New York City Chapter Manager. “This group effort would not be possible without their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, or without the donations of the generous corporations involved.”


Pictured left to right: Ed Puncar of Advanced Hydrolics; Pete Gonzalez and his students: Joshua DiazTyrese Jordan, and Justin Gonzalez.

This latest successful Oil Heat Cares project is made possible by the Oil Heat Cares Foundation and the New York City chapter of OESP. Additional donations and logistical support are provided by Peerless Boilers, Carlin Combustion, Hydrolevel Co., Petro Home Services, Vaughn Water Heaters, Westchester Square Plumbing Supply, and Blackman Plumbing Supply.

OHC helps family in Thurmont, MD

Griffith Energy and OESP did an Oil Heat Cares installation in Thurmont, MD for Mrs. Sharon Cercone.  Mike Hodge led the project and the techs who worked on it were Dale May and Tony Cassidy.  Mike, president of the Mid Altantic Chapter, stopped by to introduce himself and said that Mrs. Cercone was overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of OESP.  Great job all around!  Thank you to all who support Oil Heat Cares.ohc-1













Mrs. Cercone wrote OESP a letter of thanks:

Dear Mr. Hodge,

I’d like to express our many thanks and heartfelt gratitude for our new furnace. You’ll never know how much you’ve changed our lives.  It has made all the difference in the world to us.

There’s no way we could afford a new furnace with all of our other financial obligations. As I mentioned, my husband has been fighting a battle with Crohn’s disease since 2010 but after Humira injections we will feel he’s in remission.

All of you at Griffith Oil are awesome. I’d like to mention Karen Duttera who I talk with often on the phone.  She’s always so helpful and kind.

Also I’d like to mention the men who installed our new furnace, they were so nice and professional.  Their work was top notch!  They cleaned up after they were finished, explained how the new furnace and thermostat worked and also took away the old furnace.  They did excellent work.  Their names are Dale May and Tony Cassidy.  You can be proud of these employees.

Please thank the donor who gave us this beautiful furnace.  These donations help with people like my husband and myself who have been hit with a hardship.

God has answered my prayers.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I’ll be grateful to your all and I’ll never forget your kindness and generous donation.

We will be warm this winter and many winters to follow.

Thank you,

Sharon  Cerone