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Oil Heat Cares Helps Another Neighbor in Need

Oil Heat Cares was able to once again assist in providing some relief to a community member in need.

Joan Cain is a widowed grandmother living on a fixed income.  She resides in Waterbury, CT, where she raised her children and now grandchildren, who still live with her as she continues to support them.

Earlier this year, Joan reported to OESP Member Dave Sousa of J&A Waterville Oil Service that her boiler would no longer hold water.  Dave found a leaking Peerless JOTW which Joan could not afford to replace.

Joan is known to others as being fiercely loyal – both to her family and friends.  In fact, she has remained a faithful customer of J&A Waterville Oil Service for more than 50 years.  

Joan is someone we should all be inspired by,” Dave said. “Whenever she asks for help, I am ready, willing, and up to the challenge.”

“Because she uses the boiler only for heat, we had a little bit of time to help her out,” Dave added. “We were able to complete the installation with plenty of time to spare before heating season begins.”

Working with Oil Heat Cares, Dave and his team donated all the labor, electrical wiring, thermostats and other items to complete the project.  Thank you to Carlin Hydrolevel for donating the burner and to F. Perelli & Sons for providing the Zone control panel.

You have all made a terrific difference in the lives of Joan and her family.

Oil Heat Cares Does its Best in Maryland

By Ralph Adams, OESP President

OESP is relentless in enriching the lives of others, dedicating time and resources to rally around to people in need.  

In part, we do this through our charity, Oil Heat Cares.

Allow me to share the story of Linda Best of Ellicott City, MD and her family. They have been Parker Fuel customers for several years.   

Her husband, Brian, owned a sheet metal company and did business with me more than 30 years ago. Brian was an honorable man who sadly passed away a year and a half ago.  The Best’s son passed just six months prior to that.

Linda now lives alone.  

On a routine HVAC maintenance call earlier this summer, Parker Fuel found a crack in her home’s furnace heat exchanger.  The air conditioning also required updating.  Unable to afford replacements, Linda reached out to me, and I quickly got Oil Heat Cares on board.  

I am proud to say we secured a $2,200 grant for a new oil furnace and air conditioning system.

The weekend prior to July 4, while most of us were out enjoying our holiday weekend, several of the Parker Fuel employees cut their vacations short to install the new systems.

I would like to thank Jon Tilman, Cody Schoeffield, Kodey Foster and Jim Henderson for donating their time and making these critical updates happen.

Allow me a moment to extend appreciation to those vendors responsible for making the project happen.  Boyertown Furnace provided a H2L two stage oil burner below cost.  Ferguson Heat & Cooling gave us a good price on the condensing unit and cooling coil.  Carlin will be starting up the oil furnace this fall.  Parker Fuel donated all of the incidentals and labor.

Linda was moved to tears. While no one can erase the pain of loss she experienced over the last few years, OESP was able to make her more comfortable. She also knows people out there care.

Thank you to all who generously support Oil Heat Cares. For more information, please visit  We hope that you will consider getting involved.

OHC Grant Fixes Heat & Hot Water for Maryland Resident

Lola McBee
of Hagerstown, Maryland made a fortuitous decision when she hired Griffith Energy Services several years ago as her HVAC company.  Thanks to Griffith and the Mid Atlantic chapter of OESP, she is the latest recipient of a grant from the Oil Heat Cares (OHC) project.

Mrs. McBee lives with her husband who has struggled with medical ailments for some time.  Hospitalizations and medical bills have drained the couple financially, leaving no funds for much else.

This past winter, Mrs. McBee called Griffith Energy Services after living with a leaking boiler.  The boiler needed to be placed, but there was no money to do so.  Mrs. McBee had tried various charitable avenues seeking energy assistance with no success.   The couple was living with no heat or hot water.

Enter Griffith Energy Services.  The service technician was sent out to take a look at the McBee’s boiler and learned of their financial troubles.  He quickly alerted the President of the Mid Atlantic Chapter of OESP, Mike Hodge, who presented the situation to the Oil Heat Cares Board.  Once approved for a grant, Mike approached Columbia Boiler who happily donated a boiler to the couple.  Griffith Energy technicians, Wayne Benner and Tony Cassidy, completed the installation.

The McBees can once again enjoy the warmth and comfort of their home thanks to the amazing work of Oil Heat Cares.

Thank you to all who support Oil Heat Cares.  For more information visit

Annual Dave Nelsen Scholarship Golf Outing a Huge Success

The annual Dave Nelsen Scholarship Golf Outing, led by George Fantacone, was an outstanding success. Once again the outing raised more than $20,000 for the scholarship fund which awards thousands of dollars in tuition money to deserving students each year. Since the fund’s inception in 1999, more than $300,000 has been raised.

Despite a slightly soggy beginning, the day was brisk as more than 125 golfers came together for a day of golf and fun. Congratulations to George and the entire association for an outstanding event!

Oil Heat Cares Helps Cancer Patient Restore His Home Heat

The New Haven Chapter helped William Casey of Hamden, CT, last month with a vital Oil Heat Cares installation. He received a brand new boiler and indirect water heater, new circulators and new zone valves.

It was the perfect timing.

About a year ago, William Casey was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  He was being treated and was responding well. But after about a year, he went for another scan and found that the cancer had spread to his brain.  Now he’s being treated for both. “He has a phenomenal will to live,” George Perrelli said.  “I don’t know how he does it, but he is an amazing guy.”

William is registered as a long standing customer of Perrelli Fuel, but George said he had not been in the customer’s house in 28 years.

“When he called with the problem, we checked the records and found that no one here had serviced the house in four years, and I didn’t understand why,” George said. “But then I realized when I went to the house and spoke to William that it was due to his illness. The medical bills had piled up and finances became difficult. My wheels were already turning and I knew he was a perfect candidate for the type of assistance that Oil Heat Cares provides.”

Many thanks to QHT, FIA, F.W. Webb, Webstone valves, Walter Morris Co., Carlin/Hydrolevel, and Taco, who donated the items needed for the installation. Thank you to George’s son, Nicholas Perrelli, who spent the entire day on the job and who understands how our great association and brotherhood of members can work together.

Thank you also to Ed Ryan Sr., Ed Ryan Jr., and Antonio Vallati from Ryan Oil for donating their services to the installation.

Pictured here alongside the new boiler are L to R: George Perelli of Perelli Fuel, William Casey and his sister, Beth Casey. After the installation, William wrote a letter of thanks to Oil Heat Cares.

“We would like to thank George Perrelli (Perrelli Fuel) and the Oil Heat Cares organization for their extremely generous donation and installation of a much needed new furnace system. It could not have come at a better time.”