About The Program

The mission of Oil Heat Cares is to assist persons and organizations in need with the replacement of their oil heating appliances. Over the last 8 years, the program has turned into so much more.

The communities that have been positively impacted by Oil Heat Cares are always growing. OHC teams up with non-profit organizations to improve the communities that they are a part of. Recently, oil heat professionals in Canada teamed up with Oil Heat Cares to give back to Crossroads Human Services, replacing a 50 year old furnace! In another instance, an OESP Chapter teamed up with Vision of Eagles to provide a local resident with a new heating system.

Oil Heat Cares’ mission is to find current and potential consumers who have come across unexpected circumstances and truly need help. OHC is dedicated to providing the warmth and security that everyone deserves.

Oil Heat Cares also strengthens the industry by teaming up oil heat professionals from all aspects of the industry. Whether it is an equipment supplier, an owner, or a service technician, they are all teaming up to benefit others in need. It is common to see local competitors work together to accomplish a common goal or to see a group of current employees spending time during the weekend to help out an oil heat customer going through a tough time.

OHC has turned into an educational tool; students have worked side-by-side with industry professionals, learned valuable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, and learned what it feels like to give back to their communities.